What is A Stock Market? Working of The Stock Market

The stock, share or equity market is an aggregation of buyers and sellers of stocks. These buyers and sellers buy/sell stocks in this market. Stocks are the certificate of ownership in public or private companies.

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Why Do Companies Issue Shares?

You probably often read the news of a company becoming public or issuing shares to the public as IPO. An obvious question arises after reading this type of news is, why a company goes public.

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Types of Business Organisation in India Their Advantages and Disadvantages

There could be different forms of business organisation based on their structure, functioning, and liabilities. Each one has some benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we will discuss common forms of business organisation in India…

Forms of Business organisation in India
Limited Vs Unlimited Liability

What is Equity Share in The Stock Market

An equity share or ordinary share represents the fraction of a company. These shares trade on the stock exchange and can be transferred from one person to another. The owners of these shares are called the shareholders…


An Introduction To Indian Share Market

India is an emerging economy and has great potential to grow rapidly, the same is also true for the Indian share market. The Indian share market has created wealth for prudent investors for decades. And it is attracting more investors now than before…

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