Investing Lessons

How Much Money Do You Need to Start Investing?

There are many aspiring investors who want to invest in the stock market, but they do not know exactly how much money do they need to start investing? The simple answer to this question is open a demat and trading account, pay the account opening fees…(continue reading)

Start investing

What is Investing ?

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In a financial sense investing is simply let your money work for you. When you put your money on some promising thing in hope of getting more money in return this is called investing. Money is one of the most basic requirements of modern …(continue reading)

Types of investment options

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When you enter the world of investing you will get different types of investment options to invest and grow your money. But you can’t select the right investment type until you are aware of all different types…(continue reading)

What is portfolio?

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The pool of different financial assets owned by an individual investor or an organization is called portfolio. This pool may consist of stocks, bonds, cash equivalents, precious metals, commodities and different types of funds such as mutual funds, exchange-traded funds etc…(continue reading)

Stock Lessons

What is A Stock Market? Working of The Stock Market

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The stock market, share market or equity market is an aggregation of buyers and sellers of stocks. The buyers and sellers buy/sell stocks in this market. Stocks are the certificate of ownership in public or private companies. The stocks of public companies trade openly in a stock exchange…(continue reading)

Why Do Companies Issue Shares?

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Have you ever heard the XYZ company becoming public or it is issuing shares to the public as IPO and thought why a company goes public while it can keep all its profit working as a private entity? The reason behind companies going public is because every company needs money to grow …(continue reading)